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Job Vacancies in VWOs


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Search for specific position or browse through the pages below to view and

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Step 2

Post/Fax/Email your resume to the Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs)

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Note: The Sector, Location and Job Type are ONLY applicable for jobs posted after 16/01/2012.

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S/No VWO Name Designation Date Posted
    1 REACH Community Services Society Counsellor, REACH Counselling 25/10/2014
    2 REACH Community Services Society Manager, Community Development 25/10/2014
    3 Singapore Council Of Women's Organisations Administrative Assistant 24/10/2014
    4 Life Community Services Society Full Time / Part Time Teacher 24/10/2014
    5 Singapore Christian Home Health Attendant 24/10/2014
    6 Singapore Christian Home Nurse Managers 24/10/2014
    7 Singapore Christian Home Nursing Aide 24/10/2014
    8 Singapore Association for Mental Health, The Occupational Therapist 24/10/2014
    9 Singapore Christian Home Registered / Enrolled Nurses 24/10/2014
    10 Morning Star Community Services Senior Facilitator, SCS 24/10/2014
    11 Singapore Christian Home Senior Social Worker 24/10/2014
    12 Apex Harmony Lodge Social Worker 24/10/2014
    13 Morning Star Community Services Student Care Facilitators 24/10/2014
    14 Singapore Christian Home Therapy Aide 24/10/2014
    15 Apex Harmony Lodge Biomedical Engineer/Technician 23/10/2014
    16 New Life Community Services Childcare Teacher (Eng / Ch) 23/10/2014
    17 New Life Community Services Finance Executive (FT/PT) 23/10/2014
    18 NTUC Eldercare Co-Operative Ltd Nursing Aide 23/10/2014
    19 New Life Community Services Program Coordinator (Children) 23/10/2014
    20 New Life Community Services Program Coordinator (FT/PT) 23/10/2014

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Last updated/reviewed on 30 July 2014