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MYGIn 1972, it started out as a volunteer group to raise funds and organise recreational activities for the intellectually disabled. Today, the MINDS Youth Group (MYG) takes on the mantle of providing personalised services to enhance the skills and abilities of the intellectually disabled.

Through its first direct service project, the Ang Mo Kio Project, MYG galvanised residents to provide skills training to the intellectually disabled residing in the vicinity. The Ang Mo Kio project is recognised as a model in innovating, expanding and conducting effective programmes for the social integration of the intellectually disabled. It led to the MYG receiving the National Youth Service Award in 1984.

The youth volunteers of MYG have also established a total of five "direct service" project groups, serving about 120 intellectually disabled persons throughout Singapore.

Apart from this, the MYG has four "indirect service" committees to promote volunteerism, ensure service quality and create greater awareness about the intellectually disabled.

Intellectually disabled persons are also trained by MYG to participate in national level concerts and sports events, showcasing their talents while also boosting their self-confidence. In fact, MYG trainees regularly participate in the National Technology University’s "Glowing in the Dark" feature event. They have also received many awards and accolades from organisations like the National Special Olympics and the Singapore Sports Council for the Disabled.

Through the friendship and guidance they offer, the MYG volunteers have done more than touch the lives of the intellectually disabled. They have also helped shape the course of volunteerism among Singaporean youth, and have distinguished themselves as a leading volunteer group in Singapore.

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