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  • About NCSS

    What does NCSS do?


    The National Council of Social Service (NCSS) is the national co-ordinating body for member Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) in Singapore.


    Is NCSS a government body?


    NCSS is established by an Act of Parliament, but it is not part of the Government.


    Does NCSS receive funding from the government?


    NCSS is funded by three major sources: the Government, investment income, and Tote Board and Singapore Pools (Private) Limited (staff cost for fund-raising activities).


    Where is NCSS located? How do I get to NCSS?


    NCSS is co-located with the Ulu Pandan Community Club in Ghim Moh. Our mailing address is:


    National Council of Social Service
    170 Ghim Moh Road

    Singapore 279621




    NCSS Membership


    What type of membership is available?


    NCSS is established under an Act of Parliament as a membership organisation for VWOs in Singapore.  Members are partners of NCSS in improving the lives of the service users in the social service sector.


    More information on NCSS Membership is available.



    Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs)


    What are VWOs?


    A VWO is an organisation that provides welfare services and/or services that benefit the community at large and is not profit-making. There is no legal definition of a VWO, but VWOs are typically registered as a society under the Societies Act, a company limited by guarantee under the Companies Act, or as a Trust (under a trust deed).


    Services offered by VWOs in the social service sector are available in family service centres, special schools, halfway houses, and day care centres for the elderly, to name a few. The programmes provide social services to cater to people with disabilities, the lonely and destitute elderly, delinquent children and the families in distress or difficulties.




    NCSS Publications


    What are the publications that NCSS produces?


    NCSS produces regular publications such as Rapport, manuals and guidelines such as the Accounting Handbook for the Social Service Sector. NCSS also produces one-time publications such as For All We Care, a commemorative book celebrating 50 years of dedicated commitment on the part of volunteers, social service professionals, corporations, VWOs, philanthropists, donors and individuals who have contributed to the growth and achievements of the social service sector. The publications are available online!


    What is Rapport?


    Rapport is a publication of NCSS on the social service sector. Besides featuring events and happenings in the sector, Rapport also highlights the latest developments in the sector.


    Can I subscribe to Rapport?


    Rapport is distributed to corporate partners, member organisations and the NCSS Board as well as its sub-committees. If you would like your organisation to receive Rapport, please call 6210 2500 or ncss_webmaster@ncss.gov.sg



    Social Service Training Institute


    What is the role of the Social Service Training Institute?


    Social Service Training Institute (SSTI), the NCSS Academy, takes on the strategic and leadership role in driving training efforts for the social service and non-profit sector.


    For more information and FAQs on SSTI, log on to the SSTI website.



    Career Opportunities


    What career options are there in the social service sector? How do I join the social services?


    Social workers, Special Education teachers, counsellors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech therapists and music therapists are some of the professions in demand in the sector. You can view the job opportunities for both NCSS and our member Voluntary Welfare Organisations here.


    To apply for positions within NCSS, you may apply online or contact us at 6210 2500 or email ncss_hr@ncss.gov.sg. For positions in VWOs, you may wish to contact the relevant personnel as indicated. Careers in the social services are extremely rewarding. Find out more about the careers in the sector or how you can join NCSS!


    Are scholarships available in the social service sector?


    NCSS offers scholarships, sponsorships and study awards to pursue the study of social service disciplines in various institutions of higher learning. For more information on the various schemes, please refer to VCF Scholarships and Lien Foundation Scholarship



    Community Chest/Donation


    What is Community Chest?


    Community Chest, NCSS's fund-raising arm, raises funds on behalf of more than 60 charities in Singapore, which deliver services and programmes to the less fortunate.


    Is Community Chest a government body?


    Community Chest is established by an Act of Parliament, but it is not part of the Government. It is independently run by a Board comprising volunteers from various walks of life.


    Do all the donations go to the beneficiaries which Community Chest supports?


    Community Chest raises funds on a yearly basis to meet the needs of the social service programmes we support. Community Chest ensures that fund-raising costs are kept to a minimum. As these costs are covered mainly by Tote Board and Singapore Pools (Private) Limited, every dollar raised by Community Chest is made available to social service programmes under its care.


    How are the beneficiaries helped?


    Community Chest raises funds to support charities so that they can do what they are best at – caring for and serving the less fortunate.


    We support programmes and services grouped under four major causes that cover every segment of the community;


    Nuturing children to succeed
    Helping people with disabilities lead independent lives
    Dignifying the lives of the elderly and
    Keeping families together


    How do I donate?


    You can either make a one-time or a monthly donation through:


    Credit Card
    Internet Banking
    Your payroll via our SHARE programme
    Our direct donation hotline 1900-112 2910 to donate $10 per call


    How does Community Chest reach out to school children and youths?

    Youth and Children’s Day Appeals are part of Community Chest’s efforts to reach out to students from Pre-Primary to Junior College levels. Students are encouraged to participate in these appeals in an engaging manner to care and share for the less fortunate around them.  Contributions can be made through the donation envelopes provided by Community Chest or fund-raising activities conducted by the schools in support of the appeals.



    The Sharity Programme


    What is the Sharity programme? How is it related to NCSS?


    This is a public education programme by NCSS. Launched in 1984, the mascot for the programme is the Sharity Elephant - symbolising the qualities of caring and sharing.


    What does the Sharity programme do?


    The Sharity programme aims to promote three main messages to children:


    It is important to care and share with the less fortunate through better awareness of their needs, by making monetary and voluntary contributions.
    As mainstream school children, they are in a more privileged position to help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

    Children should learn to accept and integrate with others in society, such as the elderly and people with disabilities.



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